The Journal of biological chemistry

Ohr (organic hydroperoxide resistance protein) possesses a previously undescribed activity, lipoyl-dependent peroxidase.

PMID 20463026


The Ohr (organic hydroperoxide resistance) family of 15-kDa Cys-based, thiol-dependent peroxidases is central to the bacterial response to stress induced by organic hydroperoxides but not by hydrogen peroxide. Ohr has a unique three-dimensional structure and requires dithiols, but not monothiols, to support its activity. However, the physiological reducing system of Ohr has not yet been identified. Here we show that lipoylated enzymes present in the bacterial extracts of Xylella fastidiosa interacted physically and functionally with this Cys-based peroxidase, whereas thioredoxin and glutathione systems failed to support Ohr peroxidase activity. Furthermore, we could reconstitute in vitro three lipoyl-dependent systems as the Ohr physiological reducing systems. We also showed that OsmC from Escherichia coli, an orthologue of Ohr from Xylella fastidiosa, is specifically reduced by lipoyl-dependent systems. These results represent the first description of a Cys-based peroxidase that is directly reduced by lipoylated enzymes.