Environmental monitoring and assessment

Quantification of pendimethalin in soil and garlic samples by microwave-assisted solvent extraction and HPLC method.

PMID 20480390


A method for the residual pendimethalin in soil and vegetable samples was developed. The method is based on extraction of pendimethalin from samples using microwave-assisted solvent extraction (MASE) with acetone, ethanol, and water as extraction solvent. Extracted pendimethalin samples were analyzed by high-performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detector at 240 nm. The MASE parameters, temperature, heating time, and solvent types were optimized with the feasibility of MASE application in the determination of pendimethalin extraction efficiency of pendimethalin from soil and vegetable samples. The maximum temperature that can be used during the heating for MASE is 60°C, where the recovery percentages reached 97%. Linearity for pendimethalin was found in the range of 2-20 μg mL(-1) with limits of detection and limits of quantification of 0.059 and 0.17 μg mL(-1), respectively.