The Journal of urology

Gli2 expression and human bladder transitional carcinoma cell invasiveness.

PMID 20488474


Hedgehog signaling regulates Gli transcription factors. Aberrant hedgehog signaling can be oncogenic and drugs that block hedgehog are being tested as anticancer agents. We considered whether hedgehog/Gli signaling may be involved in human bladder transitional cell carcinoma proliferative or invasive behavior. We stratified the human bladder transitional cell carcinoma lines RT4 (ATCC), 253JP, 253BV, UMUC6 and UMUC3 for relative growth rate by cell counting and for in vitro invasiveness by Matrigel invasion assay. Cells were tested for growth inhibition by the hedgehog blocking drug cyclopamine or the inactive mimic tomatidine. Cell RNA was characterized for hedgehog signaling component expression, including ligands, receptors and signaling mediators, by quantitative reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. Gli2 expression or activity was modified by Gli2 expression lentiviruses or the Gli inhibitor GANT61. We measured effects on proliferation and invasiveness. Cell growth rates and invasiveness were stratified into an equivalent order (RT4 <243JP <253BV