Pharmacological reports : PR

Selenitetriglicerydes affect CYP1A1 and QR activity by involvement of reactive oxygen species and Nrf2 transcription factor.

PMID 20508291


Selenitetriglycerides are a group of compounds that contain selenium (Se) (IV). In this paper, we present the results of examinations of three structurally-related selenitetriglicerydes that contain various Se concentrations: 2%, 5% and 7% Selol. The present study concentrates on the effect of Selol on phase 1 and 2 enzyme activity and the implications of free radicals and the nuclear erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2)-antioxidant response element (ARE) pathway in the activity of this compound. The cytotoxic and cytostatic activities of the three kinds of Selol were evaluated; however, the cytotoxic effect was observed only for 7% Selol. Our results show that 2% Selol acts as a monofunctional inducer of phase 2 enzyme activity, and the induction is mediated by the Nrf2 transcription factor. Selol 7% acts in an opposite manner and induces phase 1 with simultaneous inhibition of phase 2 enzyme activity. The differential effect can be associated with the increase in Se content, leading to a change in the structure of the compound.