The Journal of clinical dentistry

Conventional polishing techniques versus a nanofilled surface sealer: preliminary findings regarding surface roughness changes and analysis.

PMID 20527508


To evaluate the effect ofa nanofilled resin surface sealer (Seal&Protect) on the surface roughness of a hybrid composite resin. Twelve 15 mm x 2 mm disc composite resin specimens (TPH Spectrum Shade C-2) were fabricated and light-cured under controlled conditions. Specimens were divided into six groups of two discs each. The positive control group was no finishing (Mylar Surface-MS); the remaining five group specimens were all standardized by finishing with an Enhance Finishing Disc prior to a final polishing/surface treatment step or sequence, which included: (1) polishing with a 1 micron aluminum oxide polishing paste; (2) polishing with a sequence of 1 micron and 0.3 micron aluminum oxide polishing pastes; (3) polishing with a one-step diamond polishing cup; (4) application and curing of the nanofiller resin surface sealer; and (5) no further treatment-Enhance finishing disc surface (negative control). Surface roughness (Ra) values (6 Ra values per specimen; 12 Ra values per group) were measured using a Surfcorder SE 1700 profilometer. Data were analyzed by a one-way ANOVA (p < or = 0.05). Polishing or surface treatment techniques significantly affected the surface roughness (Ra) values of the "finished" hybrid composite resin. Enhance Finishing Disc gave the highest Ra values; Mylar Surface gave the lowest. Application of the nanofilled resin surface sealer, after finishing with the elastomeric bonded-abrasive finishing disc, resulted in significantly lower surface roughness (Ra) values (p < 0.001). Other polishing techniques also significantly reduced the surface roughness of the composite resin surface. Use of a nanofilled, low-viscosity surface sealer may, after additional laboratory and clinical testing, present an alternative/adjunctive technique in final "polishing"/surface treatment of certain composite resin restoratives.

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