Fungal genetics and biology : FG & B

The mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase BOS5 is involved in regulating vegetative differentiation and virulence in Botrytis cinerea.

PMID 20595070


We present a characterization of bos5 from Botrytis cinerea, a gene that encodes a mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MAPKK), which is homologous to OS-5 of Neurospora crassa. The bos5 gene deletion mutant exhibited reduced vegetative growth and strongly impaired conidiation. The mutant also exhibited increased sensitivity to the dicarboximide fungicide iprodione and to osmotic stress mediated by NaCl or KCl. Western-blot analysis showed that the BcSAK1 protein, the putative downstream component of BOS5, was not phosphorylated in the mutant. Plant inoculation tests showed that the mutants were unable to infect cucumber leaves. All of these defects were restored by genetic complementation of the Deltabcos5-21 mutant with the wild-type bos5 gene. These results indicated that BOS5 is involved in the regulation of vegetative differentiation, virulence, adaptation to iprodione and ionic stress in B. cinerea.