Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP

Photoinduced tautomeric transformations of xanthurenic acid.

PMID 20617247


The properties of xanthurenic acid (XAN) in ground and photoexcited states have been studied using steady-state and time-resolved optical methods as well as quantum chemistry calculations. In neutral aqueous solution and in alcohols, XAN is present in a single tautomeric form (keto form), whereas in aprotic solvents and probably in basic aqueous solutions, more than one tautomeric form is present. UV irradiation of aqueous and alcoholic solutions of XAN results in a very rapid solvent-assisted tautomerization to the enol form, the later undergoes solvent-assisted transformation back to the keto form. The photolysis of XAN in aprotic solvents gives rise to the formation of numerous intermediate forms of XAN in both triplet and ground states. Under intense laser irradiation, XAN undergoes biphotonic ionization, the precursor for ionization being the excited singlet state.