Journal of endodontics

Preclinical effectiveness of a novel pulp capping material.

PMID 20630303


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the direct pulp capping response to a novel resin-based calcium phosphate cement (RCPC). The RCPC was placed in contact with the exposed healthy pulps of dog teeth and in a follow-up study on the healthy or inflamed pulps of ferret teeth. The inflamed ferret teeth had reversible pulpitis induced with Salmonella typhimurium lipopolysaccharides. After direct pulp capping with RCPC or visible light-curing resin-modified calcium hydroxide material (VLCCH) as a control, the restorations were bonded using a composite resin. The pulp responses and dentin repair were evaluated histologically in dog teeth after 7, 28, or 90 days and in ferret teeth after 45 days. Most of the RCPC-treated healthy pulps and 75% of the RCPC-treated inflamed ferret teeth had dentin healing and repair, whereas those teeth treated with VLCCH had minimal healing and dentin repair. The direct pulp capping of ferret and dog teeth with RCPC was associated with superior healing in comparison to VLCCH.