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Extra-articular distal radius malunion: The phosphate cement alternative.

PMID 20634164


Five consecutive patients (mean age: 40.4 yrs (range, 19-58 yrs)), with symptomatic distal radius malunion underwent corrective opening wedge osteotomy using phosphate cement as an alternative to bone autograft, at a mean 9 months (4-16mo) of fracture. Internal fixation used a plate placed just above the distal radioulnar joint, with soft-tissue release. Radiographic and functional parameters were measured before surgery, and at 6 months and 1 year. At a mean 32.4 months (range, 16-47mo), all patients were satisfied and all the osteotomies were united. At 1 year's follow-up, wrist range of motion reached 75% compared to the contralateral side. Two biopsies performed during plate removal showed osteoid tissue at the cement-bone junction. It is reasonable to consider injectable phosphate cement as a viable alternative to bone grafting in conjunction with surgical correction of distal radius malunion. level IV.