Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association

Sub-acute effects of diazinon on biochemical indices and specific biomarkers in rats: protective effects of crocin and safranal.

PMID 20637253


In this study, the effects of crocin and safranal were studied against sub-acute toxicity of diazinon (DZN) on specific biomarkers, biochemical indices and enzymes levels in rats. Vitamin E (200 IU/kg), safranal at doses 0.025, 0.05 and 0.1 ml/kg and crocin at doses 50, 100 and 200mg/kg were injected intraperitoneally three times per week alone or with DZN (20mg/kg/day, orally) for 4 weeks. The parameters were evaluated at the end of 4 weeks. Diazinon did not change serum urea, creatinine, cholesterol, triglyceride, total and direct bilirubin levels. Total protein and albumin concentrations were decreased by diazinon. Crocin, safranal and vitamin E prevented the effect of diazinon on some biochemical indices and enzymes levels. The levels of serum TNF-alpha, direct 8-iso-prostaglandin F(2 alpha) and soluble protein-100 beta (S100 beta) were increased significantly by diazinon. The augmentation of direct 8-iso-prostaglandin F(2 beta) and S100 beta levels by diazinon was significantly decreased by crocin, safranal and vitamin E. TNF-alpha level was significantly decreased in diazinon plus crocin 50 and 100mg/kg treated groups compared to the diazinon group. This study showed that vitamin E, safranal and crocin could prevent diazinon induced enzymes elevation and augmentation of some specific biomarkers.

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