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Biodegradation of Direct Blue 15 by free and immobilized Trametes versicolor.

PMID 20669718


To investigate biodegradability by Trametes versicolor, five structurally different direct azo-dyes--Direct Black 38, Direct Blue 15 (DB 15), Direct Orange 26, Direct Green 6, and Direct Yellow 12--were studied. The DB 15 was determined as the best biodegradable dye by this white-rot fungus. Laccase and manganese peroxidase activities were monitored with the biodegradation process; it was observed that laccase played an important role in the dye degradation, while manganese peroxidase activity could not be detected. Possible degradation products also were examined by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, but no metabolite was detected after the degradation and/or decolorization process. To enhance performance of the fungi during the degradation, Trametes versicolor cells were immobilized in alginate beads. Then, DB 15 decolorization by immobilized Trametes versicolor was studied in a small-scale packed-bed reactor. The color removal efficiency in repeated batches was found to be 98 and 93% for 50 mg/L DB 15.

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