The Journal of cell biology

p125A exists as part of the mammalian Sec13/Sec31 COPII subcomplex to facilitate ER-Golgi transport.

PMID 20679433


Coat protein II (COPII)-mediated export from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) involves sequential recruitment of COPII complex components, including the Sar1 GTPase, the Sec23/Sec24 subcomplex, and the Sec13/Sec31 subcomplex. p125A was originally identified as a Sec23A-interacting protein. Here we demonstrate that p125A also interacts with the C-terminal region of Sec31A. The Sec31A-interacting domain of p125A is between residues 260-600, and is therefore a distinct domain from that required for interaction with Sec23A. Gel filtration and immunodepletion studies suggest that the majority of cytosolic p125A exists as a ternary complex with the Sec13/Sec31A subcomplex, suggesting that Sec 13, Sec31A, and p125A exist in the cytosol primarily as preassembled Sec13/Sec31A/p125A heterohexamers. Golgi morphology and protein export from the ER were affected in p125A-silenced cells. Our results suggest that p125A is part of the Sec13/Sec31A subcomplex and facilitates ER export in mammalian cells.