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A chemical phosphorylation-inspired design for Type I collagen biomimetic remineralization.

PMID 20688381


Type I collagen alone cannot initiate tissue mineralization. Sodium trimetaphosphate (STMP) is frequently employed as a chemical phosphorylating reagent in the food industry. This study examined the feasibility of using STMP as a functional analog of matrix phosphoproteins for biomimetic remineralization of resin-bonded dentin. Equilibrium adsorption and desorption studies of STMP were performed using demineralized dentin powder (DDP). Interaction between STMP and DDP was examined using Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy. Based on those results, a bio-inspired mineralization scheme was developed for chemical phosphorylation of acid-etched dentin with STMP, followed by infiltration of the STMP-treated collagen matrix with two etch-and-rinse adhesives. Resin-dentin interfaces were remineralized in a Portland cement-simulated body fluid system, with or without the use of polyacrylic acid (PAA) as a dual biomimetic analog. Remineralized resin-dentin interfaces were examined unstained using transmission electron microscopy. Analysis of saturation binding curves revealed the presence of irreversible phosphate group binding sites on the surface of the DDP. FT-IR provided additional evidence of chemical interaction between STMP and DDP, with increased in the peak intensities of the PO and P-O-C stretching modes. Those peaks returned to their original intensities after alkaline phosphatase treatment. Evidence of intrafibrillar apatite formation could be seen in incompletely resin-infiltrated, STMP-phosphorylated collagen matrices only when PAA was present in the SBF. These results reinforce the importance of PAA for sequestration of amorphous calcium phosphate nanoprecursors in the biomimetic remineralization scheme. They also highlight the role of STMP as a templating analog of dentin matrix phosphoproteins for inducing intrafibrillar remineralization of apatite nanocrystals within the collagen matrix of incompletely resin-infiltrated dentin.

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