Cellular and molecular neurobiology

Dyslexia-associated kiaa0319-like protein interacts with axon guidance receptor nogo receptor 1.

PMID 20697954


To identify the putative interacting partners for Kiaa0319-like protein. KIAA0319-like, located near the dyslexia susceptibility locus, DYX8 in chromosome 1p34.3, has been suggested as a positional candidate for developmental dyslexia due to its homology with another gene, KIAA0319 which has been strongly established as a candidate gene for developmental dyslexia. Previous research has shown that a single marker, rs7523017 (P = 0.042) has been associated with developmental dyslexia by a Canadian group. There is little functional information about this gene and protein. In this article, we put forward further evidence that support Kiaa0319-like is a candidate for this disorder. A yeast-2-hybrid screen and co-immunopreciptiation assays were performed to find protein interacting partners of KIAA0319L. A human cortex immunohistochemistry assay was performed to show the colocalization of Kiaa0319-like and its specific interacting partner in cells. Nogo Receptor 1 (NgR1), an axon guidance receptor, was identified to have physical interactions with Kiaa0319-like protein. These two proteins interact predominantly in the cytoplasmic granules of cortical neurons in the human brain cortex. Based on this data, it can be concluded that Kiaa0319-like protein interacts with Nogo Receptor 1, supporting the idea that Kiaa0319-like protein participates in axon guidance.