APMIS : acta pathologica, microbiologica, et immunologica Scandinavica

Use of monoclonal antibodies for the typing of malignant lymphomas in routinely processed biopsy samples.

PMID 2069805


Eight antibodies (UCHL1 (CD45RO), MT1 (CD43), MT2 (CD45R), 4KB5 (CD45R), MB1 (CD45R), MB2, L26 (CD20) and LN1 (CDw75)) have been examined for reactivity with routine specimens of normal and hyperplastic lymphoid organs (n = 6), non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (n = 62), Hodgkin's disease (n = 27) and non-lymphoid malignancies (n = 9). In normal and hyperplastic lymphoid organs, UCHL1 and MT1 stained predominantly T cells; 4KB5, MB1, MB2, L26 and LN1 stained predominantly B cells; and MT2 reacted with a subset of B and T cells. The lineage of the neoplastic cells was correctly identified in 24 of 28 (86%) peripheral T-cell lymphomas; and in 31 of 35 (88%) B-cell malignancies. In two cases of lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin's disease, the Hodgkin's and Reed-Sternberg (H&RS) cells were 4KB5+, L26+ and/or LN1+. The H&Rs cells in nodular sclerosis and mixed cellularity Hodgkin's disease were positive with 4KB5 in 17 of 25 cases. Antibodies UCHL1, MT1, MB1, MB2, L26 and LN1 also labelled some H&RS cells, but in a much smaller proportion of the cases. In three of nine non-lymphoid neoplasms, UCHL1 and MB2 showed a staining of the neoplastic cells, but the staining was cytoplasmic rather than membrane-associated. The remaining antibodies were unreactive with the non-lymphoid malignancies. It is concluded that many non-Hodgkin's lymphomas can be typed in routine specimens, and that antibodies UCHL1, MT1, L26 and LN1 are especially useful in this respect. The antibodies do not provide a means of distinguishing between non-Hodgkin's lymphomas and Hodgkin's disease.

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