European journal of medicinal chemistry

Cyclization of some carbothioamide derivatives containing antipyrine and triazole moieties and investigation of their antimicrobial activities.

PMID 20727622


Acetohydrazide derivative containing both antipyrine and triazole nuclei (5) was obtained starting from ethyl hydrazinecarboxylate derivative (2) and 4-aminoantipyrine (1) by three steps. The treatment of compound 5 with CS(2) afforded the conversion of hydrazide function into 5-mercapto-1,3,4-oxadiazole ring leading to the formation of 7. Then, 7 gave the product containing triazolotriazine moiety (9) by the reaction with hydrazine hydrate. The synthesis of the compounds incorporating the 1,3,4-thiadiazole (10a-c), 1,2,4-triazole (11a-c) or 1,3-thiazole (12, 13) nucleus as third heterocycle was performed by the acidic or basic treatment of compounds 6a-c which were obtained from the reaction of 5 with several isothiocyanates, or by the condensation of 6a with two different phenacyl bromides, respectively. The antimicrobial activity study revealed that all the compounds showed good activities except 3-5.