Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico

[Terconazol in vaginal candidiasis. Comparative study].

PMID 2083851


The antimycotic action and tolerance to terconazole in patients with vaginal candidiasis, were evaluated in a blind study. The medication was given in vaginal ovules (VO) 240 mg, one dose per day, and 80 mg one daily dose for three days; as compared to chlotrimazole, VO 200 mg, daily dose for three days. The patients presented with vaginal candidiasis demonstrated by Nickerson culture medium. Sixty patients were studied in three equivalent groups. The mates of patients treated with terconazole had no treatment; and the mates of patients treated with chlotrimazole received urinary acidifying medication. Symptomatology and mycologic findings were evaluated at 10 and 28 days post treatment. Mycological cure rates at 10 days were: 90 per cent for the terconazole group, 240 mg, one dose; and 95 per cent for patients with terconazole, 80 mg, daily dose for three days; or chlotrimazole, 200 mg, daily dose for three days. Twenty eight days post-treatment, laboratory tests were positive again: 50%, 40% and 15%, respectively. Recidive in patients treated with terconazole, is explained by lack of treatment in mates. In conclusion, terconazole offers a high percentage of clinical and mycological cure in vaginal candidiasis, and it is indispensable treatment for the mate, in order to avoid recidives.