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Effects of stimulation of muscarinic receptors on bladder afferent nerves in the in vitro bladder-pelvic afferent nerve preparation of the rat.

PMID 20840844


Effects of a muscarinic receptor agonist oxotremorine-M (oxo-M) on bladder afferent nerve (BAN) activity were studied in an in vitro bladder-pelvic nerve preparation. Distension of the bladder induced rhythmic bladder contractions that were accompanied by multiunit afferent firing. Intravesical administration of 25 and 50 μM oxo-M significantly increased afferent firing from 41 ± 2 spikes/s to 51 ± 4 spikes/s and 60.5 ± 5 spikes/s, respectively, but did not change the maximum amplitude of spontaneous bladder contractions. The afferent nerve firing induced by isotonic distension of the bladder (10-40 cmH(2)O) was increased 22-100% by intravesical administration of 50 μM oxo-M. Electrical stimulation on the surface of the bladder elicited action potentials (AP) in BAN. Oxo-M significantly decreased the voltage threshold by 40% (p<0.05) and increased by 157% (p<0.05) the area of the AP evoked at a submaximal stimulus intensity. These effects were blocked by intravesical injection of 5 μM atropine methyl nitrate (AMN). Intravesical administration of 5 μM AMN alone did not alter BAN firing or the amplitude of bladder contractions. The facilitatory effects induced by oxo-M on BAN activity were also suppressed (p<0.05) by intravesical administration of 2',3'-0-trinitrophenyl-ATP (TNP-ATP) (30 μM). In preparations pretreated with capsaicin (125 mg/kg, s.c.) the facilitatory effects of 50 μM oxo-M on BAN activity were absent. These results suggest that activation of muscarinic receptors facilitates mechano-sensitive, capsaicin-sensitive BAN activity in part by mechanisms involving purinergic receptors located near the luminal surface of the bladder and ATP release which presumably occurs in the urothelium.

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