Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters

Property based optimization of δ-lactam HDAC inhibitors for metabolic stability.

PMID 20850971


The novel δ-lactam based HDAC inhibitor, KBH-A118 (3) shows a good HDAC enzyme and cancer cell growth inhibitory activities but has undesirable pharmacokinetics profiles because of instability in mouse liver microsome. To improve metabolic stability, various analogues were prepared with substituents on aromatic ring of cap group and various chain lengths between the cap group and δ-lactam core. The newly prepared analogues showed moderate to potent in vitro activities. Among them six compounds (8a, 8e, 8j, 8n, 8t, and 8v) were evaluated on mouse liver microsome assay and it turned out that the microsomal stabilities were dependent on lipophilicity and the number of the rotatable bonds. Finally, the animal pharmacokinetic profiles of 8e displayed improving oral exposure and oral bioavailability.