Veterinary dermatology

Efficacy of eight commercial formulations of lime sulphur on in vitro growth inhibition of Microsporum canis.

PMID 20868396


Lime sulphur is a common topical treatment for dermatophytosis in animals. Until recently, a single veterinary lime sulphur formulation was available. The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of eight lime sulphur products for in vitro growth inhibition of Microsporum canis using the isolated infected spore model. Infective M. canis spores were isolated from hairs collected from untreated cats. Hairs were macerated in Triton-X solution and isolated according to a previously published protocol. Equal volumes of spore suspension and lime sulphur solutions were incubated for 5 min and plated onto modified BBL™ Mycosel™ agar (Becton, Dickinson and Company; Sparks, MD, USA) plates. Five plates were inoculated for each sample solution. Distilled water and bleach were used as controls. Colony forming units were counted daily for 21 days; positive control plates contained >300 colony forming units/plate. Seven of the products were supplied as concentrates and they were tested at the manufacturer's recommended dilution, twice label concentration and half label concentration. A prediluted product SulfaDip(®) (Trask Research, Inc.; Daluca, GA, USA) was tested at the label and half label concentration. All veterinary products formed recommended treatment dilutions of 3% sulphurated lime solution except one (LymDyp(®), IVX Animal Health Inc.; St Joseph, MO, USA), which formed a 2.4% sulphurated lime solution. Results of the study showed complete growth inhibition of M. canis spores by all products at all dilutions tested. These results indicate that all tested lime sulphur-containing products were equivalent. Field studies are needed to test product equivalency in vivo.

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