Applied biochemistry and biotechnology

Preparation and characterization of pancreatic lipase immobilized in Eudragit-matrix.

PMID 2091531


Pancreatic lipase (EC was immobilized by entrapping in a commercial preparation of acrylic/methacrylic acid ester-based copolymer (Eudragit E 30 D). The activity of the immobilized lipase beads with a diameter of 1.5-2.0 mm was found to be lower than that of the free lipase. The optimum pH was shifted to the alkaline region and the thermal stability increased, whereas the optimum temperature level remained unchanged. The most important reason for the decreased activity was diffusion limitations. The diffusion of the substrate and products became more pronounced, and lipolytic activity increased upon addition of n-hexane into the reaction medium. The storage and operational stabilities of the immobilized lipase were investigated, and both characteristics were found to be increased when compared to the free enzyme. Furthermore, mechanical or magnetic stirring during the operation were found to have no influence on the carrier-matrix as determined by nephelometric measurements.