European journal of medicinal chemistry

Molecular properties prediction, synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some newer oxadiazole derivatives.

PMID 20965619


In present investigation a series of 28 oxadiazole analogues (AB1-AB28) were subjected to molecular properties prediction, drug-likeness by Molinspiration (Molinspiration, 2008) & MolSoft (MolSoft, 2007) softwares, lipophilicity and solubility parameters using ALOGPS 2.1 program. Out of 28 analogues only 16 were chosen on the basis of Lipinski "Rule of Five" (Ro5) for the synthesis and antimicrobial screening as oral bioavailable drugs/leads. Maximum drug-likeness model score (1.22) was found to be of compound AB13. Selected compounds (AB1-AB2), (AB5-AB9), (AB12-AB16), (AB18-AB21) were synthesized and characterized by IR, NMR and mass spectral analysis followed by antibacterial and antifungal screening. It was observed that compounds showed moderate to good antibacterial activity, but their antifungal activity was somewhat moderate. Compounds AB13 and AB20 showed pronounced activity against all bacterial and fungal strains. We had noticed that compounds (AB13, AB20) bearing OH group at one of the phenyl ring of oxadiazole exhibited good antimicrobial properties and their drug-likeness model score were also predicted maximum among the series.