Natural product research

Comparison of volatile components in Chinese traditional pickled peppers using HS-SPME-GC-MS, GC-O and multivariate analysis.

PMID 21108121


Volatile compounds of Chinese traditional pickled peppers (CTPPs) were extracted by solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME) and analysed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and gas chromatography-olfactometry (GC-O) to visually compare their volatile compositions by applying principal component analysis (PCA). A total of 67 volatile components were identified by GC-MS, including 7 acids, 6 alkanes, 14 alcohols, 9 esters, 11 terpenes, 3 aldehydes, 5 ketones, 7 phenols and 5 miscellaneous compounds, tentatively identified or identified by comparing with mass spectra and retention indices of the standards or from literature. Of 45 volatile compounds detected in the sniffing port of GC-O, the majority of odour-active components included acetic acid, 2-ethyl phenol, L-linalool, tridecane, butyl butanoate, δ-3-carene. The individual concentrations of the volatile compounds such as acetic acid, ethanol, 1-propanol, L-linalool, hexyl 2-methyl butyrate and hexyl pentanoate corresponded well to the intensities of related attributes in the correlation analysis. Due to their high concentration level and low threshold value, these compounds played an important role in the final aromatic profile of the pickled peppers. The differences in flavours were observed by applying PCA to GC-MS data sets. From the PCA results, samples were primarily separated along the first principal component.