Ozonation of human HIV-infected plasmas for producing a global vaccine: How HIV-patients may help fight the HIV pandemia.

PMID 21178445


A vaccine against HIV able to generate properly neutralizing antibodies and an efficacious cytotoxic T lymphocyte response is of paramount importance. We are proposing a novel approach based on the collection of thousand small HIV-infected human plasma samples for preparing a global vaccine, able to counteract HIV diversity and mutagenicity. The pooled plasmas will undergo several steps for sterilizing and inactivating HIV, possibly other contaminant viruses and other pathogens. The critical step is the prolonged and controlled exposure of plasmas to ozone so that finally each ml of plasma has interacted with a precise dose of ozone. To inactivated plasma, both therapeutic human albumin and ozonated ethyl oleate are added for enhancing a proficient absorption and reaction with the immune system of the vaccine. The need of a partner collaboration for developing the production and the preliminary testing of the vaccine is essential.