Journal of Korean medical science

The role of endothelin receptor A during myelination of developing oligodendrocytes.

PMID 21218036


Endothelin (ET)-1 and its receptors (ETA and ETB receptor) are present in the central nervous system. ET exerts biological effects on gliogenesis and glial cell functions. In order to define a possible mechanism of ETA receptor signaling, the distribution of the ETA receptor in developing oligodendrocytes and the effects of ET-1 on the myelination of oligodendrocytes were examined. ETA receptor immunoreactivity was confined to the perivascular elements of the blood vessels during early postnatal development. However later in development, ETA receptor immunoreactivity was no longer observed in the vessels but became localized to the myelinating oligodendrocytes of the primitive corpus callosum of the white matter, apart from the vessels. ET-1 induced myelin basic protein (MBP) in primary oligodendrocyte precursor cell culture though the ETA receptor and was blocked by an ETA receptor antagonist. In addition, ET-1 evoked the release of Ca(2+) which is a central regulator of oligodendrocyte differentiation. Our results provide a link between ET-1 and its ETA receptor and myelination during oligodendrocyte differentiation.