Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine

Ventilation distribution studies comparing Technegas and "Gallgas" using 68GaCl3 as the label.

PMID 21233191


Ventilation distribution can be assessed by SPECT with Technegas. This study was undertaken in piglets with different degrees of ventilation inhomogeneity to compare PET using (68)Ga-labeled pseudogas or "Gallgas" with Technegas. Twelve piglets were studied in 3 groups: control, lobar obstruction, and diffuse airway obstruction. Two more piglets were assessed for lung volume (functional residual capacity). In controls, SPECT and PET images showed an even distribution of radioactivity. With lobar obstruction, the absence of ventilation of the obstructed lobe was visible with both techniques. In diffuse airway obstruction, SPECT images showed an even distribution of radioactivity, and PET images showed more varied radioactivity over the lung. PET provides detailed ventilation distribution images and a better appreciation of ventilation heterogeneity. Gallgas with PET is a promising new diagnostic tool for the assessment of ventilation distribution.