American journal of dentistry

Innovations in global dentifrice technology: an advanced stannous-containing sodium fluoride dentifrice.

PMID 21280420


Despite oral health improvements in many geographies, the prevalence of oral concerns, including caries, gingivitis, dentin hypersensitivity, breath malodor, calculus, and extrinsic staining remains unacceptably high across the globe. Dentifrice offers a convenient and accessible vehicle to deliver ingredients--such as antimicrobials, fluoride, and esthetic-enhancing agents--to treat a broad range of common oral conditions. Recently, a novel stannous-containing sodium fluoride (1450 ppm F-) dentifrice was introduced that has been tested in the lab and/or clinically in diverse geographic regions for its impact on major oral conditions. This next-generation dentifrice, marketed as Crest Pro-Health in China and blend-a-med Pro-Expert in parts of Europe, has been extensively clinically tested in the lab and/or clinically on multiple continents in a broad range of subject populations with varying levels of disease and/or cosmetic concerns. This special issue features a few of the many laboratory and clinical investigations conducted on this formulation. The findings reported here demonstrate the product's anticaries potential as well as its ability to reduce plaque, improve dentin hypersensitivity, inhibit extrinsic stain, and improve breath malodor.