Biotechnology journal

Chitin deacetylase product inhibition.

PMID 21298809


Chitin deacetylase is the only known enzyme catalyzing the hydrolysis of the acetamino linkage in the N-acetylglucosamine units of chitin and chitosan. This reaction can play an important role in enzymatic production of chitosan from chitin, or in enzymatic modification of chitosan, which has applications in medicine, pharmacy or plant protection. It was previously shown that acetic acid, a product of the deacetylation process, may act as an inhibitor of chitin deacetylase. Here we show the mechanism of inhibition of chitin deacetylase isolated from Absidia orchidis vel coerulea by acetic acid released during the deacetylation process. The process follows competitive inhibition with respect to acetic acid with an inhibition constant of K(i) = 0.286 mmol/L. These results will help to find the optimal system to carry out the enzymatic deacetylation process for industrial applications.