Sbornik vedeckych praci Lekarske fakulty Karlovy univerzity v Hradci Kralove. Supplementum

[The of effect of rolitetracycline on oxygen consumption in a suspension of E. coli].

PMID 2130506


Authors studied the oxygen demand by E. coli suspensions (serotypes 023 and 026) modifying it with various concentration of Rolitetracyclin, and proceeded by comparison of both serotypes. Time dependence of oxygen demand has been determined using the direct Warburg's manometric method. The obtained results are summerized as following four points: 1. Tested Rolitetracyclin doses caused the decrease in oxygen demand of E. coli suspensions significantly for the majority of time intervals. Rolitetracyclin actioned similarly in both serotypes. 2. Rolitetracyclin 0.5 microgram concentration actioned bacteriostatically on both serotypes, and showed more pronounced action on E. coli 026 serotypes with higher metabolic activity. 3. Rolitetracyclin 5 and 50 micrograms bactericidal concentrations inhibited markedly the oxygen demand in both serotypes. 4. Using this method allowed to determine the difference in metabolic activity of both E. coli serotypes tested.