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Contact hypersensitivity to epoxy resin, methyldibromoglutaronitrile, tixocortol pivalate and budesonide in Hungary: a study in 1448 patients.

PMID 21317857


In order to map the frequency of contact hypersensitivity (CH) to epoxy resin, methyldibromoglutaronitrile (MDBGN), tixocortol pivalate (TP) and budesonide patch tests were carried out. The tests were performed in 1448 patients. Most patients belong to the allergic and irritative contact dermatitis groups. The tests were administered with the allergens epoxy resin 1%, MDBGN 0.3%, TP 1% and budesonide 0.1%, applied on the back. Reactions were evaluated at 40 min, on day 2 (D2), day 3 (D3) and day 4 (D4). In the patients of the Dept. of Dermatology, Venerology and Dermatooncology of Semmelweis University (patients number =1073) reactions were evaluated on day 7 as well. Epoxy resin elicited immediate reactions in 1 patient at 40 min. Further evaluations showed no difference on D3, D4 and D7 with a frequency of CH of 1.03%. Patch testing for MDBGN did not provoke immediate reactions, evaluations showed an increasing hypersensitivity rate (D2: 0.93%; D7:1.77%). Patch tests with TP yielded no immediate reactions, the frequency of CH increased from 0.47% (D2) to 2.01% (D7). No immediate reactions were observed by budesonide; an increase was seen in frequency of CH (D2:0.93% to D7:3.84%). CH to the studied allergens was observed mostly in allergic contact dermatitis group, to budesonide in irritative contact dermatitis and in atopic dermatitis groups as well. The data of the present study are the first results about this four allergens in Hungary and to our knowledge from our region as well.

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