Bangladesh Medical Research Council bulletin

Topical tazarotene cream (0.1%) in the treatment of facial acne: an open clinical trial.

PMID 21473199


Tazarotene is a new 3rd generation topical acetylenic retinoid. It normalizes keratinocyte differentiation, reduces keratinocyte proliferation and decreases expression of inflammatory markers. Tazarotene was approved by U.S.F.D.A. in 1997 for acne vulgaris. To evaluate the efficacy and safety of topical tazarotene 0.1% cream in the treatment of facial acne. 67 patients with facial acne in the age range of 13-30 years were enrolled in the study. Purposive sampling was done. Patients were treated with topical Tazarotene cream (0.1%) and were instructed to apply the medication as a thin film over the affected area in the evening once daily for 12 weeks. Follow-up was done at 2nd, 4th week, 8th week and at 12th week. Of the 67 patients, 53% got remission, 9% had good response, 34% had poor response and there was no response in 4% of the patients by 12 weeks of treatment. Among the patients, 9 (13.43%) developed mild side effects. Topical tazarotene cream (0.1%) is a effective and safe treatment option for acne vulgaris affecting face. It is mostly effective in grade-1 and grade-2 acne.

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