Urologiia (Moscow, Russia : 1999)

[Treatment of prostatic adenoma with concomitant chronic bacterial prostatitis].

PMID 21500490


A randomized trial of efficacy and safety of vitaprost plus and vitaprost forte has been made in 70 patients with prostatic adenoma comorbid with chronic bacterial prostatitis. The patients were randomized into two groups: group 1 patients received vitaprost plus in rectal suppositoria for 1 months, then vitaprost forte for 2 months; group 2 patients (control) received gentos and lomefloxacin per os. Short- and long-term results were evaluated in 3 and 6 months. By all parameters group 1 achieved better treatment results than controls. Immediate positive response was observed in 97.1% patients, long-term positive effects were observed in 85.7%. Total points of prostatic adenoma symptoms reduced by 37%, chronic prostatitis--by 55%, residual urine diminished by 66%, Qmax increased, quality of life improved by 45%, sexual function enhanced. Size of the prostate decreased by 7.4 cm3, leukocyte count in prostatic secretion fell 6-fold, eradication of prostatitis causing agent was achieved in 3 months in 80% patients. Side effects and complications were not registered. Thus, vitaprost plus and vitaprost forte are highly effective and safe for treatment of patients with combination of prostatic adenoma with chronic bacterial prostatitis.

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