Bioresource technology

Simultaneous removal of 2-chlorophenol, phenol, p-cresol and p-hydroxybenzaldehyde under nitrifying conditions: kinetic study.

PMID 21504846


The kinetic behavior of a stable nitrifying consortium exposed to 2-chlorophenol (2-CP), phenol, p-cresol and p-hydroxybenzaldehyde (p-OHB) was evaluated in batch assays. Phenolic compounds were evaluated either individually or in mixture. In individual assays, 2-CP inhibited stronger the nitrification, diminishing the ammonium consumption efficiency (16%) and the nitrate production rate (at 91%). Nonetheless, the consumption efficiencies for all phenolics were of 100%. On the other hand, in mixture, the inhibitory effect of 2-CP diminished significantly, since ammonium consumption efficiency and nitrate production rate were improved. Consumption efficiencies for most of the phenolic compounds were high. Furthermore, the kinetic of 2-CP oxidation was 2.4-fold-faster than the individual assays. Finally, the experimental results showed the potential of nitrifying consortium for removing 2-CP, phenol, p-cresol and p-OHB. This is the first work showing the simultaneous removal of these pollutants and also this information might be useful for treating wastewaters of chemical complexity.