Human & experimental toxicology

Effect of sweet almond oil on survival rate and plasma cholinesterase activity of aluminum phosphide-intoxicated rats.

PMID 21508069


Aluminum phosphide (ALP), as an effective pesticide and a substance used for protecting rice during storage, has become one of the commonest causes of poisoning and even suicide in developing countries including Iran and India. The authors aimed to study the efficacy of sweet almond oil as an antidote in ALP toxicity. The present experimental study was conducted over 35 rats. The animals were divided into four groups: one group as the control group and three other groups which received ALP alone or ALP and sweet almond oil with different time intervals. In addition to estimating the survival rate of the animals, plasma cholinesterase activity as a possible factor affected in ALP poisoning was evaluated. Treatment by intragastric irrigation of sweet almond oil resulted in significant reduction of mortality. Moreover, mean plasma cholinesterase levels were inhibited in groups receiving ALP. Oral sweet almond oil, if especially used immediately after poisoning with ALP, improves the survival rate.

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