Journal of environmental management

Performance of lime-BHA solidified plating sludge in the presence of Na2SiO3 and Na2CO3.

PMID 21549500


This research investigated the performance of lime-BHA (black rice husk ash) solidified plating sludge with 2 wt% NaO from Na(2)SiO(3) and Na(2)CO(3) at the level of 0, 30 and 50 wt%. The sludge was evaluated for strength development, leachability, solution chemistry and microstructure. The lime-BHA solidified plating sludge with Na(2)SiO(3) and Na(2)CO(3) had higher early strength when compared to the control. The addition of Na(2)SiO(3) and Na(2)CO(3) increased the OH(-) concentration and decreased the Ca(2+) and heavy metal ions in solution after the first minute. The XRD patterns showed that the addition of Na(2)SiO(3) resulted in the formation of calcium silicate hydrates, while the addition of Na(2)CO(3) resulted in CaCO(3). The heavy metals from the plating sludge, especially Zn, were immobilized in calcium zincate and calcium zinc silicate forms for the lime-BHA with and without Na(2)SiO(3) solidified wastes, while samples with Na(2)CO(3) contained Zn that was fixed in the form of CaZnCO(3). The cumulative leaching of Fe, Cr and Zn from the lime-BHA solidified plating sludge decreased significantly when activators were added, especially Na(2)CO(3).

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