Applied microbiology and biotechnology

Large-scale production of tannase using the yeast Arxula adeninivorans.

PMID 21559827


Tannase (tannin acyl hydrolase, EC hydrolyses the ester and depside bonds of gallotannins and gallic acid esters and is an important industrial enzyme. In the present study, transgenic Arxula adeninivorans strains were optimised for tannase production. Various plasmids carrying one or two expression modules for constitutive expression of tannase were constructed. Transformant strains that overexpress the ATAN1 gene from the strong A. adeninivorans TEF1 promoter produce levels of up to 1,642 U L(-1) when grown in glucose medium in shake flasks. The effect of fed-batch fermentation on tannase productivity was then investigated in detail. Under these conditions, a transgenic strain containing one ATAN1 expression module produced 51,900 U of tannase activity per litre after 142 h of fermentation at a dry cell weight of 162 g L(-1). The highest yield obtained from a transgenic strain with two ATAN1 expression modules was 31,300 U after 232 h at a dry cell weight of 104 g L(-1). Interestingly, the maximum achieved yield coefficients [Y(P/X)] for the two strains were essentially identical.

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42395 Tannase from Aspergillus ficuum, powder, white, ≥150 U/g