The Journal of biological chemistry

Characterization of G2L3 (GAS2-like 3), a new microtubule- and actin-binding protein related to spectraplakins.

PMID 21561867


The microtubule (MT) and actin cytoskeletons are fundamental to cell integrity, because they control a host of cellular activities, including cell division, growth, polarization, and migration. Proteins involved in mediating the cross-talk between MT and actin cytoskeletons are key to many cellular processes and play important physiological roles. We identified a new member of the GAS2 family of MT-actin cross-linking proteins, named G2L3 (GAS2-like 3). We show that GAS2-like 3 is widely conserved throughout evolution and is ubiquitously expressed in human tissues. GAS2-like 3 interacts with filamentous actin and MTs via its single calponin homology type 3 domain and C terminus, respectively. Interestingly, the role of the putative MT-binding GAS2-related domain is to modulate the binding of GAS2-like 3 to both filamentous actin and MTs. This is in contrast to GAS2-related domains found in related proteins, where it functions as a MT-binding domain. Furthermore, we show that tubulin acetylation drives GAS2-like 3 localization to MTs and may provide functional insights into the role of GAS2-like 3.

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