Japanese journal of ophthalmology

D-allose as ischemic retina injury inhibitor during rabbit vitrectomy.

PMID 21567229


To investigate the protective effects of D-allose, a rare sugar, on pressure-induced ischemia during vitrectomy in the rabbit eye. The rabbits underwent pars plana vitrectomy, and continuous intraocular irrigation at a perfusion pressure of 140 mmHg was performed for 45 min. Intraocular pressure was regulated by adjusting the height of a bottle of balanced saline solution containing D-allose. Morphometric studies were performed to study the effects of D-allose on the histological changes induced by ischemia in the rabbit retina. Electroretinograms (ERGs) were taken before and 1 and 7 days after vitrectomy. Nitroblue tetrazolium was used as an index of superoxide anion (O(2)(·-)) generation. Data were analyzed by use of the unpaired Student's t test. Seven days after ischemia, significant reductions in both number of ganglion cells and the thickness of the inner plexiform layer were observed. D-Allose significantly inhibited ischemic injury of the inner retina (P < 0.05). On postoperative day 7, amplitudes of ERG b-waves were significantly lower in the control group than in the D-allose group (P < 0.05). D-Allose suppressed the production of O(2)(-). Intraocular irrigation with D-allose during vitrectomy may protect the retina against ischemia-induced damage.

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