Biochimica et biophysica acta

Proton hyperfine resonance assignments in trimethylphosphine ligated ferrimyoglobin using saturation transfer spectroscopy.

PMID 2158824


1H-NMR saturation transfer spectroscopy and nuclear Overhauser effect (NOE) have been utilized to assign several heme resonances in the low-spin trimethyl phosphine complex of sperm whale metmyoglobin. The two methods permit the location of the heme methyl resonances and the heme 2-vinyl group resonances. A qualitative comparison involving the methyl shift pattern in metMbN3, metMbCN, imidazole metMb and trimethyl phosphine metMb shows a reverse methyl shift between pyrrole I and pyrrole IV. The different hyperfine shift pattern for metMbPMe3 is suggested to arise from: (i) a possible reorientation of the proximal histidine plane; (ii) different heme protein contacts in the different ligated proteins, and (iii) a small contribution from high-spin character. The 2-vinyl group is formed in the cis plane orientation.