Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis

Analysis of citrate in low-volume seminal fluid samples using a time-gated measurement of europium luminescence.

PMID 21680129


This work aims to develop and validate a rapid analytical method that enables the measurement of citrate in seminal fluid samples. Samples were obtained from men who were within 9 weeks of a vasectomy operation. Two age ranges were examined, between 40-43 and 50-53 years old, with nearly 100 samples in each case. No patient clinical history was available for this anonymous study, simulating a random screening cohort. The concentration of citrate in 0.5 μL seminal fluid samples was assessed, using a europium emission luminescence method. This involves the ratiometric analysis of two well-separated europium(III) emission bands. Spectral data were obtained using a time-gated spectrometer whose construction and modification is described. Citrate values were confirmed by independent measurements using a citrate lyase enzymatic assay and by 700 MHz ¹H NMR analysis of the seminal fluid. Citrate concentrations were not statistically different between age groups and averaged 35.0(±14.6) mM for the 40-43 group, and 28.2(±12.7) mM for the 50-53 cohort; in each case a polymodal distribution was observed.

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