Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology

Boron deficiency and transcript level changes.

PMID 21683871


Boron (B) is an essential element for plant growth whose deficiency causes an alteration in the expression of a wide range of genes involved in several physiological processes. However, our understanding of the signal transduction pathways that trigger the B-deficiency responses in plants is still poor. The aims of this review are (i) to summarize the genes whose transcript levels are affected by B deficiency and (ii) to provide an update on recent findings that could help to understand how the signal(s) triggered by B deficiency is transferred to the nucleus to modulate gene expression. In this contribution we review the effects of B deficiency on the transcript level of genes related to B uptake and translocation, maintenance of cell wall and membrane function, nitrogen assimilation and stress response. In addition, we discuss the possible mediation of calcium, arabinogalactan-proteins and other cis-diol containing compounds in the signaling mechanisms that transfer the signal of B deficiency to nuclei. Finally, we conclude that the advance in the knowledge of the molecular basis of B deficiency response in plants will allow improving the tolerance of crops to B deficiency stress.