International journal of molecular sciences

Zebrafish cyclin-dependent protein kinase-like 1 (zcdkl1): identification and functional characterization.

PMID 21747697


The cyclin-dependent protein kinase family regulates a wide range of cellular functions such as cell cycle progression, differentiation, and apoptosis. In this study, we identified a zebrafish cyclin-dependent protein kinase-like 1 protein called zebrafish cdkl1 (zcdkl1), which shared a high degree of homology and conserved synteny with mammalian orthologs. zcdkl1 exhibited abilities for phosphorylation of myelin basic protein and histone H1. RT-PCR analysis revealed that zcdkl1 was expressed starting from fertilization and continuing thereafter. In adult tissues, zcdkl1 was predominantly detected in brain, ovary, and testis, and was expressed at low levels in other tissues. At 50% epiboly stage, zcdkl1 was widely expressed. At 12 to 48 h post-fertilization, zcdkl1 was predominantly expressed in the hypochord, the medial and lateral floor plate, and the pronephric duct. Interference of zcdkl1 expression resulted in abnormalities, such as brain and eye malformation, pericardial edema, and body axis curvature. Disruption of zcdkl1 reduced neurogenin-1 in the brain and sonic hedgehog expression in the floor plate region. These deformities were apparently rescued by co-injection of zcdkl1 mRNA. Findings of this study indicate that zcdkl1 plays an essential role in zebrafish development.