Veterinary parasitology

Efficacy of a novel topical combination of fipronil, amitraz and (S)-methoprene for treatment and control of induced infestations with four North American tick species (Dermacentor variabilis, Ixodes scapularis, Amblyomma americanum and Amblyomma maculatum) on dogs.

PMID 21777734


Five laboratory studies were conducted to confirm that a single topical dose of the novel combination of fipronil, amitraz and (S)-methoprene, CERTIFECT™ (Merial Limited, GA, USA), is efficacious for the rapid control of pre-existing infestations and the prevention of new infestations with Ixodes scapularis, Dermacentor variabilis, Amblyomma americanum and Amblyomma maculatum for at least 28 days on dogs. In each study, 8 male and 8 female purpose-bred, laboratory beagles were randomly assigned to one of two study groups (treated and untreated). Starting on the day before treatment, each dog was infested weekly with about 30 or 50 ticks, depending on the study. Treatment with the novel combination rapidly eliminated pre-existing infestations and controlled weekly re-infestations for at least 28 days. Pre-existing infestations with all four tick species were rapidly and effectively reduced, with post-treatment therapeutic efficacies ranging from 91.7 to 99.5% within 18-48 h post treatment. Amblyomma maculatum numbers were significantly (p<0.05) reduced on treated dogs from the first tick counts as early as 6h post-treatment. All subsequent infestations with each of the 4 tick species were quickly disrupted, with prophylactic efficacies greater than 90% within 18-48 h post-infestation for at least a full month. Because the combination of fipronil, amitraz and (S)-methoprene quickly starts disrupting and killing ixodid ticks within hours of treatment, with similar high levels of efficacy maintained for at least 28 days in these and other studies, the authors conclude that a single topical treatment with CERTIFECT may prevent the transmission of most infectious agents carried by ixodid ticks for at least one month.

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