The Journal of biological chemistry

Immunoglobulin E receptor signaling and asthma.

PMID 21799019


Elevated IgE levels and increased IgE sensitization to allergens are central features of allergic asthma. IgE binds to the high-affinity Fcε receptor I (FcεRI) on mast cells, basophils, and dendritic cells and mediates the activation of these cells upon antigen-induced cross-linking of IgE-bound FcεRI. FcεRI activation proceeds through a network of signaling molecules and adaptor proteins and is negatively regulated by a number of cell surface and intracellular proteins. Therapeutic neutralization of serum IgE in moderate-to-severe allergic asthmatics reduces the frequency of asthma exacerbations through a reduction in cell surface FcεRI expression that results in decreased FcεRI activation, leading to improved asthma control. Our increasing understanding of IgE receptor signaling may lead to the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of asthma.