Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association

Effectiveness of indoor ultra-low volume application of Aqua Reslin® Super during an emergency.

PMID 21805852


Indoor ultra-low volume (ULV) applications of Aqua Reslin Super (Permethrin + s-bioallethrin) were carried out using portable Solo Port 423 sprayers in an urban area of Reforma, Chiapas, Mexico. Sprayers were calibrated to discharge a flow rate of 110 ml/min with a dose range of approximately 0.55 to 0.792 mg Al/m3 space. Entomological evaluation, based on 3 cages per house, each containing 15 sugar-fed, 2-4-day-old Aedes aegypti females and placed in hidden locations in 4 randomly selected houses for 15 min, showed 98.8% to 100% mortality. After the spraying, ovitrap data showed no mosquito adults present 4 days after the applications, and only 1 ovitrap out of 60 positive 8 days after the intervention. This evaluation suggests that indoor ULV application can be useful during emergencies after disasters, during dengue outbreaks, or to prevent mosquito population outbreaks before rainy seasons and, therefore, the onset of dengue transmission in Mexican dengue transmission risk areas.