A novel flow-through fluorescence optosensor for the sensitive determination of tetracycline.

PMID 21807184


A flow-through fluorescence optosensor with Sephadex G-50 microbeads as solid support is developed for the sensitive determination of tetracycline (TC). The fluorescent TC derivative encapsulated in CTAB micelle structures is retained onto the surface of the microbeads packed into a fluorescent flow cell in a flow system, followed by measurement of the native fluorescence of the TC derivative on the bead surface. The retained TC derivative is easily stripped off with DI water from the bead surface by breaking-down the micelle structure. This offers a convenient and effective way for the regeneration of the used solid support with DI water as a carrier. Under the optimal conditions, a linear calibration graph is obtained within a range of 3-500 μg L(-1), along with a detection limit of 1.0 μg L(-1). The present solid surface fluorescence optosensor provides a 22-fold improvement on the detection sensitivity for TC in comparison with that derived by fluorescence detection in aqueous medium. The feasibility of this flow-through fluorescence optosensor is evaluated by analyzing TC in a commercial drug tablet and surface water samples.