Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids

Using molecular dynamics to study liquid phase behavior: simulations of the ternary sodium laurate/sodium oleate/water system.

PMID 21838286


The prediction of surfactant phase behavior has applications in a wide range of areas. An accurate modeling of liquid phase behavior can aid our understanding of colloidal process or be used to design phases that respond in a defined way to their environment. In this work, we use molecular dynamics to model the phase behavior of the ternary sodium laurate/sodium oleate/water system and compare the simulation results to experimental data. Simulations were performed with the GROMOS 53A6 united-atom force field and cover the entire ternary phase diagram, producing micellar, hexagonal, and lamellar phases. The aggregate simulation time for the 33 simulations performed during this study is 4.4 μs. We find that the simulations were able to model the experimentally observed liquid phase behavior accurately, showing that the carboxylate and lipid parameters of the 53A6 force field give very good quality results for the in silico prediction of liquid system phase behavior.