Dermatology research and practice

Amniotic membrane as a scaffold for melanocyte transplantation in patients with stable vitiligo.

PMID 21869882


Vitiligo is an acquired skin disease that significantly impacts the quality of life of patients. Medical treatment of vitiligo includes the use of melanocyte transplant, but the results are variable. We have treated 4 patients with either focal or generalized stable vitiligo using a graft of autologous melanocytes' culture on a denuded amniotic membrane (AM). A culture biopsy was obtained in every patient and grown in melanocytes' media for 10-14 days after which cells were transferred to a denuded AM and transplanted into the achromic lesions. Patients were followed for up to 6 months using clinical assessment of achromic lesions. Treated areas ranged between 4 cm(2) and 210.6 cm(2). Response to treatment was excellent in all patients with 90-95% repigmentation success rate. Our results demonstrate that transplantation of autologous melanocytes cultured on AM is a new, simple, and effective treatment for stable vitiligo.

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