[Fifteen years experience of the use of magnesium preparations in patients with mitral valve prolapse].

PMID 21878073


We followed for 15 years 31 patients with mitral valve prolapse (MVP) who during follow-up regularly took orotic acid (1500 mg/day) for 3 months twice a year. We revealed peculiarities of dynamics of clinical picture, their interrelation with phenotypic manifestations of connective tissue dysplasia, changes of electrocardiogram, structure of valvular apparatus of the heart, state of vegetative homeostasis, changes of levels and 24-hour profile of arterial pressure, tone of sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of vegetative nervous system. We noted significant reduction of mean and maximal heart rate, number of episodes of tachycardia, duration of QTc intervals, incidence of paroxysmal supraventricular and ventricular extrasystoles. We fixed statistically significant lowering of maximal systolic and diastolic arterial pressure, hypertensive burden and elevated variability of systolic and diastolic arterial pressure. Data of retrospective analysis showed absolute normalization of these parameters in all studied patients. Decrease of the tone of sympathetic part of vegetative nervous system was also established. There was 2 to fold decrease of number of persons with sympathicotonia, 3 to fold increase of those with vagotonia, and 5 times increase of number of patients with equal tone of sympathetic and parasympathetic parts. Regular use of magnesium salt of orotic acid was associated with significant elevation of quality of life of patients with MVP. Clinically valuable improvement of work and social life scores was noted in 54.8%, of personal life score - in 45.2% of individuals. In half of patients with MVP index of efficacy of therapy with orotic acid was significant.