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Single on-chip gold nanowires for electrochemical biosensing of glucose.

PMID 21909570


The development of glucose diagnostic devices with low detection limits is of key importance in diabetes-related research. New highly sensitive sensors are required for non-invasive detection of glucose in bodily fluids, other than blood, and an electrochemical sensor based on a single gold nanowire for rapid, reliable and quantitative detection of low glucose concentrations (10 μM-1 mM), is presented in this paper. Single gold nanowire devices are fabricated at silicon chip substrates using a hybrid electron beam-photolithography approach. Critical dimensions of the nanowires are characterised using a combination of scanning electron and atomic force microscopies. Fabricated nanowire devices are characterised by direct electrical probing and cyclic voltammetry to explore functionality. The voltammetric detection of glucose was performed using ferrocene monocarboxylic acid as an oxidising mediator in the presence of glucose oxidase. The biosensor can be applied to the quantification of glucose in the range of 10 μM-100 mM, with an extremely high sensitivity of 7.2 mA mM(-1) cm(-2) and a low detection limit of 3 μM (S/N = 3). The sensor demonstrated high selectivity towards glucose with negligible interference from other oxidizable species including uric acid, ascorbic acid, mannose, fructose, salicylic acid (Aspirin) and acetaminophen (Paracetamol).

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Ferrocenecarboxylic acid, 97%